Yihan Chen: A mesmerizing master of the Pipa (ancient four-string Chinese lute), Yihan Chen has garnered top awards for Chinese music performance at the 1995 Freedom International Chinese instrument Competition and the 1989 Art Cup. She has performed throughout the United States and appeared at many major international festival in China, France, Portugal, Poland, Canada, Japan and Italy. Ms. Chen has collaborated with internationally renowned composers such as Chen Yi, Zhou Long , Chen Qigang and Bright Sheng, and she has toured as soloist with the Hua Xia Chamber Ensemble(Beijing) and Music From China (New York City).


Dance of the Yi People
Love of the Wei River
The Naughty Old Man

Sunny Spring and White Snow

Dance of the Yi People


Pipa music samples played by Yihan Chen:
 name  music clip
 The King Chu doffs his armour
 Spring-River, Flower, Moon, Night
 The moon is high
 Collected Songs Of Qinglian
 The points (By Chen Yi)
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